Construction Lending

Need to upgrade your current home due to size or because of its deteriorating age? or is it simply a fresh start somewhere new?

We can help fund the construction of your new project while you carry on with your daily life.

There are multiple ways you can fund a renovation project. However if you have vacant land and starting from scratch with a certified builder, you are better off taking out a construction loan with a suitable lender. Construction loans are based on progress payments. Borrowers are required to seek the necessary approvals from the local/state authorities and a fixed price building contract from a licenced builder.


The fixed price building contract will break down the building works into several stages. The lender protects you by only releasing funds to the licenced builder once each stage has been surveyed and competed as per the building contract. 

Constructions loans can be structured in many different ways. We can work with you to build the right structure and help you select the right lender to get you into your new home without the headaches.


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