Buyers having finance issues?

Which of these is affecting you and you're business?

- Buyers inspect but none can get there finances sorted?

- You have your eye on a new asset but cant commit until this one is sold?

- The asset for sale is laying idle and you're still making finance repayments on it?

- You need to make space in your driveway or yard for something else?

Refer the buyer to us and we will find them a solution to purchase the asset from you. or 1300 884 991

Most common reasons for finance falling over:

- Asset is too old for the lender to accept as security - We have access to lenders who dont care about the age

- High kilometers or hours on the asset - Not all lenders worry about the usage history

- Buyer has a poor credit record - 90% of lenders wont accept this

- Buyer cant afford the loan amount - Not all lenders assess the same way

Buyer only talks with the bank that they have used for 10+ years - We have access to multiple lenders

We specialise in building customised solutions for new and used assets.

Even if you need help with purchasing your next new or used asset, give us a go, give us a call.