Looking to consolidate your debts?

Stuck with too many small personal debts, high interest rates, repayment arrears and have equity available in your home? Lets talk


Credit cards, personal and car loans attract higher interest rates due to there shorter loan terms. These facilities allow you to access cash quickly, however, when the cost of living increases, unforeseen events occur in your life and these debts become difficult to manage, its time to review your budget and these facilities.


If you currently have a home-loan and available equity, some lenders can allow you to consolidate an unlimited amount of loans into one to reduce repayments. You can even split these loans into separate facilities with shorter loan terms and still achieve home loan rates.

Even if you dont have a home loan, we could work with some providers to consolidate debts where a benefit can be determined.

An extra $100, $200, $300 or $400 per month in savings is better in your pocket than in theirs.

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