Personal Loans

Personal loans are suitable for individuals who require an injection of cash for those personal reasons. It could be for a holiday, to purchase an older style car, furnish a home, to cover medical expenses, to fund a party, wedding, funeral or even to complete minor renovations around the house.

We have access to several personal loan providers who can assist with funding $5000-$40,000 within a week.

The exact interest rate is based on the overall perceived risk to the lender. Lenders will take the following into consideration:

- Secured or unsecured loan: You can use a unencumbered car, bike or boat as security to lower the interest rate. (subject to a valuation)

- Personal credit profile

- Purpose

- Living conditions i.e own home, renting, with parents

- Job status

- Asset & liability position

- Existing banking relationship

Loan terms vary from 1-7years and repayments can be either weekly or fortnightly.
















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