Purchasing Property

Lets face it, purchasing a home or commercial property is a big step. No matter how much you earn or how many assets you own, we still bite our nails during the whole process.

We pride ourselves on taking the conservative approach with lending and work with you to build a manageable loan facility.

We bring you the personal 1-to-1 touch when purchasing property. If you were to walk into a branch or contact a call center for a property loan, you will be just another number on a spreadsheet going through tangled processors and talking with several members from multiple departments. Why would you put yourself through this?

A trusted and reliable finance broker carries out all the negotiations on your behalf and hand-holds the file from start to finish.

- We will let you know your borrowing capacity well in advance.

- Provide you with multiple loan options from several lenders

- Provide you with all the tips along the property purchasing journey.

- Assist with property pricing reports where possible.

- We have access to a wide range of partners who can handle the legal side,

insurance policies and even help you to select the right property.

- Post-Settlement, you can still liaise with us for any structuring queries.

We simplify the whole process. Contact us today to see how we can help.