Looking for a better option?

Are you over your current lender?

Sick of chasing your current unreliable broker or local branch staff?

Scared of Change? Don't Be! Change can save you and provide extra benefits if it aligns with your goals

We have helped many couples and individuals switch lenders not only to get a better rate,

but to help them achieve an objective that their current lender and Broker is unable deliver.


Where we have helped:

- Current lenders policy didn't allow applicants to utilise available equity in their investment


- Lenders polices would not lend more than 70% against the valuation report for two

dwellings on a single title. Client needed 80% to assist with the subdivision costs.

- The home owners were looking for a reputable construction loan provider other then

their current lender

- Borrowers were after more than one offset account

- The current lender wouldn't allow the applicants to release equity for business purposes

- The current lender would not accept one of the applicants self-employed financials due to a dip in the previous year's profits

- Current broker was unresponsive to their client's simple request to restructure debt with the same lender.

Where your primary goal is to get a better interest rate, off course we can help. We will evaluate the costs of switching versus the savings and help you determine which lender is best suited.

We will liaise with both lenders to make the switch a smooth transition.

Contact us and let's discuss your situation further