Top Ten Budget Ways To Increase Your Properties Value Before Selling

It's the goal of most property owners pondering a sale to turn a big profit in the shortest amount of time. However, sometimes selling a home quickly can be difficult, particularly if it's in need of a bit of love and care. This can seem like an even more difficult task if you don't have easy access to thousands of dollars in cash for full renovations. Yet it's important to remember that every small step is a step closer to your ultimate goal.


There are numerous small, cheap household projects that don't take too much time and effort. These can help make your house more attractive to buyers, improving its selling price without forgoing other essentials.





1. Landscape Your Yard

You can make a great first impression on potential buyers without breaking the bank if you pay attention to your yard or garden. With a small investment, you can patch up gaps in the lawn with lawn seed or use mulch to give a more uniform appearance under shrubbery. Adding a few new bushes, flowers, herbs, trees, and groundcovers will give your home a more vivacious, appealing environment. Landscaping websites and garden stores can provide a wealth of information and inspiration.


2. Wash the Exterior of your Home

Purchasing enough paint to cover the entire exterior of your home can add up to quite a bundle. You will have to think about all of the exterior walls, as well as the fencing surrounding your property. If you can't afford to buy that volume of paint, another solution is to clean your house thoroughly. All you will need for a good scrubbing is a ladder, a bucket of soapy water, a pile of old rags, and a long brush if you have one. This can work wonders on a home, removing dirt, cobwebs, and dust. Be sure to take your time and clean everything, from gutters to fly screens and window glass. With the outside taken care of, you'll be ready to go inside and make the interior sparkle as well. Leave no surface untouched and your home can look good as new.


3. Paint the Front Door and Trim

Another alternative to painting your full home is to focus on the area where first impressions are made. When buyers drive past your home or walk up to the front door for an inspection, your front door is what they will be greeted with. If this is freshly painted with a smooth, even application of paint it will make the house look correspondingly more modern and fresh. This can lead buyers to think you have put more work into the home than you actually have.

4. Get your Floor in Top Shape

The ideal situation is to have a floor that is "so clean you can eat off of it." A clean floor makes the house look tidy and new, just as a sticky or dirty surface can have the opposite effect. You don't have to pay for new carpeting or flooring to get a clean surface. In many cases if you steam clean your carpets, scrub or wax your hardwood, or get down on your knees to clean laminated or tile floors, you'll get a like-new appearance. You may have to replace flooring in areas where there are deep stains or seriously damaged pieces of wood, because no amount of scrubbing will get rid of these problems. It's worth asking local flooring companies if they have any leftover pieces from other jobs, which they may give you for free or at a discount.


5. Re-caulk around Taps, Pipes, and Showerheads

Caulk refers to the silicon cream or tape that is used to seal surfaces. Over time, it's prone to water damage, degradation, or discolouration. If you notice cracks in your caulking it's time to replace it. This doesn't cost very much money and is an easy way to repair any leaks or drip issues you have in bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms. It's important to choose the right colour and grade of caulk to match the rest of your home.


6. Pressure Jet Wash the Home's Exterior

If merely sweeping and rinsing your driveway isn't enough to get rid of years of dirt and dust, you might want to invest in a high pressure water cleaning jet. These can be hired by the day, and can make a world of difference on concrete surfaces. The jet stream of water is high enough in pressure to get even stubborn oil stains off of the driveway, steps, or pathways. However, take care not to point the jet at your actual home. It can peel the paint off of weatherboard and even demolish bricks.


7. Get Rid of Household Clutter

Less is more when it comes to selling your home. Potential buyers want to be able to see what the home's structure and features are like without the distraction of your personal items. It can be worthwhile to hire a real estate agent even before you start the selling process to walk through your home and give you some pointers regarding staging. You can find a local real estate agent using the no-obligation comparison service They will have the best working knowledge of your local market, and can help you get your home up to the standard of comparable competition in your neighbourhood. This may involve getting rid of paintings, photos, clothing, knick-knacks and other personal clutter.

It may be helpful to rent a space at a storage facility if you have a high volume of personal items. This can be used to store excess furniture, books, and other assorted items. With your house emptied of these objects, you can then start organising cupboards and closets to appeal to buyers. For example, leave just one set of folded towels in the linen closet and organise your wardrobe with clean, fresh clothing. Pet owners should take care to clean litter boxes daily and use air freshener to eliminate odours.


8. Take Care of Small Household Repairs

Most homeowners will find that there are a few areas where they can improve a property on their own. If you have a list of small repair jobs that you've been putting off, it's time to get through this to-do list before you put your home on the market. This could include replacing light bulbs, spraying WD50 on squeaky doors, and fixing leaky taps. Go through each room methodically and start making a list of any repairs that could be tackled.


9. Upgrade Lights with Modern Fixtures

Lighting can make a major difference in your home's presentation. Buyers love a clean, bright, well-lit house. Because replacing all of your light fixtures with new models can be expensive, focus on those that are most dated. Take extra care in areas like the bedroom and bathroom, where bright modern lighting is essential. Energy efficient bulbs can also add value to your home by making it more modern and efficient.


10. Undertake a Final Cleaning

An extremely thorough deep cleaning of your home from top to bottom can make a surprising difference in your home's value. Clean every surface that you can find, from those that are visible to those that are hidden away behind furniture. Move all appliances and furniture, empty out all cupboards and closets, and really get into each and every nook and cranny of your house. Your property will look sparkling clean and brand new at the end of the cleaning process, which will show buyers that you have cared for your home. Clean surfaces also reflect light more efficiently, for a dazzling effect.


What's next?


There's no need to undertake major renovations if you can't afford them in order to get a good sale price for your house. In most circumstances, simply taking care of small tasks like these will help add value to your property bit by bit. You may need to get dirty and spend some time to achieve results, but you won't need to borrow against your current mortgage.




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