Specailised Loans

Don't let poor credit history or non-standard income deter you from making your next move.


Throughout life we face many hurdles which can affect families and individuals ability to repay debts or even start a new loan facility.

Unable to make scheduled repayments on a facility can affect your credit file which can affect your borrowing ability for your next loan. Even having a job with non-standard income can impact your borrowing ability with 90% of the lenders in the marketplace.


Just remember, you are not alone, many Australians face these hurdles. They include:

- Relationship breakdown

- Personal or workplace injury

- Business partnership breakdown

- ATO debts

- Missed a few car loan repayments

- Bankruptcy

- Newly self employed

- Non-standard income i.e casual pay, workers comp, disability pension

90% of lenders wont accept a borrower with either one of the above against their profile. However, we can help find you the best option with the remaining 10% of lenders who understand that life isn't always a rainbow. Majority of these specialist lenders only expect you to be with them for a short term of 18-24months before hopefully your back on your feet again.

Don't feel embarrassed, don't be deterred, run your situation by us if you're looking to move forward and we can help with a plan and identify a workable solution.














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