'Before you Borrow'- Workplace Presentation

Looking to empower your staff or colleagues with knowledge to assist with their future?

We are strong believers with informing and educating our clients conservatively before they take up a fixed term financial commitment. We have put together a brief presentation to cover off the key items that potential borrowers need to know before applying for finance.


Even if you have been let down by a previous lender or may have had to your loan setup incorrectly and misaligned with your goals, this session will help.

We are Sydney based and can host our presentations at your workplace during team meetings, lunch-time sessions in a break-out room or even in the comfort of your home with a group of like-minded friends and siblings.

Our 'Before you Borrow' presentation will cover off the following items:

- The current lending & property landscape

- What lenders look for in a potential borrower

- Why your credit history is so important

- Common negative characteristics we see

- Finance Tips

- Your Plan-B

- A reliable finance broker vs a bank branch

- How we can help

Do you have work colleagues, employees, friends or 

siblings who could benefit from a group session?

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